El Sol Azul Production

El Sol Azul Production is an American company based in Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende and Tulum, and produces shoots throughout the country. Mexico is our oyster.

We provide all phases of the production process: budgeting, scouting and managing locations and logistics, permits, local transportation, hotels, catering, casting, equipment rental, customs clearance and recruitment of professional bilingual crew.

Just tell us what you need. We happily do all of the heavy lifting that makes it possible for you to be creative.

Intrepid. Polyglot. Forward thinking. We are planners. In English, Spanish, French and German.

With close to 20 years of successful production in Mexico, we have an imagination. We specialize in finding the perfect location to fit your creative needs and budget. We know how to make it roll, no matter what. If we don't talk much, it's because we're busy thinking through the next kink in the road so you won't have to.

We'll get you all the way there, on time and on budget. And we'll all have a good time with the process.